• It’s almost here – and people are running amok in the streets and the malls! Oh, the humanity!

    Never fails to amaze me that Christmas seems to “sneak up” on people, and they go into a mad panic just before the “big day”. Today I had some errands to run – normal errands, since I finished all my shopping about a week ago – and was not entirely happy to be surrounded by frantic, grumpy people as they jostled for position in line ups, roared around in their cars, and basically behaved like crazed lunatics. I’m not big on crowds, and surly crowds don’t make it any better.

    Folks, really? It’s the same time every single year. What is the point of putting things off so long that you throw yourself (and everyone around you) into a tail spin at the last minute? And why is it that people seem to lose their common courtesy at the same time?

    Actually, that’s not entirely true. There were some really nice people out there today, including one young driver who waved 3 cars, including mine, out of the parking lot ahead of her so we didn’t have to wait forever to move. Now that was super nice, and I gave her a big smile and wave for doing so, as did the people she let out ahead of me. A feel-good moment amid the chaos of Christmas.

    Polite Canada is off to a slow start, but come the new year, we will get moving and introduce more content and contributors. “Mrs. Lawrence’s Terrific Twos” have a project waiting to go up, which will happen in early January.

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    Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, friends!

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