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    I’m always happy to ponder the subject of politeness. Is it something we learn, something we do to fit into society? As Canadians, it seems to be something we are often accused of doing. As in, “Oh those Canadians, they’re so darned polite all of the time!” Often this is accompanied by a disapproving frown. Myself, I sometimes worried about being too polite. Did it make me appear weak? Maybe, but I believe that it is who we are at the core. That teaching politeness to our youngsters merely brings out their own innate desire to be kind to others.

    There was a time when I tried to force myself to quit saying “Pardon me” every time I brushed up against someone, or “Bless you” under my breath each time someone sneezed. But in the end, it just wasn’t me. It didn’t feel natural. So I decided to embrace my inner Miss Manners. I promise not to judge you when you forget to thank me for holding the door open for you (I’m far too polite for that) if you promise not to judge me when I say “Excuse me” as I pass by the cat in the kitchen.

    I no longer worry about appearing sappy, sentimental, weak, or soft by being respectful of others. And that to me is really what it all boils down to. Do we feel, really feel that the other lives out there matter as much as our own? If we do, we cannot help but be kind to them, and that all begins with a simple “Please” and “Thank you.”


  • Did you ever have a day where everything went right?

    Not a lottery-winning day by any stretch, but today was definitely a good one. It was made even better because my daughters both noticed how polite people were being, and that is largely due to the discussions we’ve been having about our project here.

    Why so good? Just simple things, really; We were allowed to merge into traffic by smiling, finger waggling drivers, (whom we of course thanked with a jaunty wave), we had the door held open for us as we entered stores behind others, and in turn were thanked as we did the same for others on our way out. The Teen had the biggest smile on her face when a rather scruffy looking man looked up at her (the Teen is a lovely, tall drink of water) and said, “Why, thank you very much!” as she held the door open for him. Wee One, who notices everything, took it all in and a few seconds later said “That was a nice thing to do, right Mommy?”

    See?? It takes so little, and pleases everyone. Why don’t more people do this?

    The Teen is formulating a post, and I’m willing to bet it will have a lot to do with the “door holding” thing. Like Mother like daughter, yes?


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    When I was setting up the new blog a couple days ago I went to Google looking for images I could steal borrow that would go along with my post yesterday, and instead came across this post by Grayson Jack.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, although in keeping with my G-rating of this website I would have switched out a few words he uses with bang-on precision.

    Grayson’s not a Canuck, but manners are should be universal.


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