• Manners, Observations 23.10.2011

    Did you ever have a day where everything went right?

    Not a lottery-winning day by any stretch, but today was definitely a good one. It was made even better because my daughters both noticed how polite people were being, and that is largely due to the discussions we’ve been having about our project here.

    Why so good? Just simple things, really; We were allowed to merge into traffic by smiling, finger waggling drivers, (whom we of course thanked with a jaunty wave), we had the door held open for us as we entered stores behind others, and in turn were thanked as we did the same for others on our way out. The Teen had the biggest smile on her face when a rather scruffy looking man looked up at her (the Teen is a lovely, tall drink of water) and said, “Why, thank you very much!” as she held the door open for him. Wee One, who notices everything, took it all in and a few seconds later said “That was a nice thing to do, right Mommy?”

    See?? It takes so little, and pleases everyone. Why don’t more people do this?

    The Teen is formulating a post, and I’m willing to bet it will have a lot to do with the “door holding” thing. Like Mother like daughter, yes?


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